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Workforce Management of PlanMen

With our experienced specialists, PlanMen helps organizations in the strategies, planning and optimal scheduling of their employees and work activities. To do this effectively, PlanMen, together with the Nyenrode Business University, has developed its own successful approach. This approach is oriented toward processes and employees as well as systems. By way of this approach, significant, measurable improvements in quality, customer and employee satisfaction and performance are achieved.

PlanMen Workforce Management and the Circle of Six.
We call our approach the “Circle of Six”. The power of this approach lies in the fact that in organizations we often see a lack of balance in the scheduling and planning of employees and work activities. Our approach ensures that the six most essential processes are attuned to one another: forecasting, scheduling, intraday traffic control, reporting, analysis and advising. In this approach, em - ployees always take center stage. If they do what they enjoy doing and what they are good at, then the results naturally follow. That ensures more enjoyment and better performance. And it not only makes you happy, but also your employees and your customers. That is why we en - joy doing it. Because an employee who is happy at work counts for two and produces greater output.

PlanMen is an exclusive specialist in the area of Work - force Management (WFM). With the years of accumulated knowledge and experience of our team of certified consultants, we offer company-wide and innovative solutions. And, by the way, we do that at the national and the international levels. We can temporarily support your WFM experts or completely take over your WFM processes.

We also offer you substantive training, coaching and certification. For example, we are partner with the Society of Workforce Management Professionals (SWPP) to provide the first professional certification in Workforce Management, the CWPP. Because we love our field and believe that there are many benefits to be achieved for companies and organizations. Moreover, we are familiar with all of the available software packages and always provide you with independent advice tailored to your situation. We can assist with vendor assessment, selection and implementation that assures you are utilizing the most appropriate solution for your organization.

The result is that your strength and productivity are in - creased through more efficient and more effective utilization of your employees.


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