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Be a knowledge partner?

Our knowledge partners have already been sponsoring the PlanMen Workforce Management Conference for several years. They help to make the WFM Conference possible.

During the day, we give our knowledge partners several opportunities to share information regarding their products and services to the public. Curious to see their experiences? Take a look at the movie ‘Experiences of knowledge partners of the WFM Conference 2016’ (in Dutch).

The last couple of years, the PlanMen Workforce Management Conference with more than 800 visitors (2016), has become a day on which Workforce Management professionals from various sectors gather. Every year day to day practices are approached from a fresh perspective. On top of that, we offer tips concerning the daily questions of personnel planning and Workforce Management. The recurring components throughout the day are:

  • Sharing knowledge;
  • Content presentations in the field of workforce management and personnel planning;
  • Plenary presentations in which innovation and out of the box thinking are the key topics.

For professionals, users and decision makers, who are active in the fields of Workforce Management, HR and personnel planning.

From this mix and philosophy we organize a day annually where practical knowledge is viewed from a fresh perspective and where tips are provided to assist in the daily issues of Workforce Management. New developments and trends are discussed, as well as successful improvements and lessons learned in the field of Workforce Management. For this, we use a company-wide perspective.

By bringing together knowledge and expertise the potential customer relations will establish from a content side up position, in which you are seen as a serious and professional party.

The aim of this Conference is therefore different than the usual conferences where commerce comes first. This is also clearly communicated to participants. Of course it is all about the customer and the revenues, but through participating in this Conference you as a knowledge partner choose for a different approach to achieve this result.

Knowledge sharing through presentations and networking, and from there building and / or maintaining a relationship.

The PlanMen partnership is not only for one day, but for a longer period, like before, during and after the Conference. We can offer you three partner packages, namely Platinum, Gold and Silver. Communications already start as early as April and continue through mid November 2017. Besides this, you choose for a completely different approach of your (potential) customer and so for a way to distinguish yourself from the rest.

We are proud to announce that for 2017 the following partners already signed: Verint, Monaco, Paralax and Planbition.

Would you like to become a PlanMen knowledge partner? Contact us through mark.elschot@planmen.com.