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Training, Education and Coaching

PlanMen, together with Nyenrode Business University and other Education partners, stands firmly for the field of Workforce Management, Development and the planning function. The PlanMen Knowledge Platform works continuously on the professionalization of the field and the planners. The personnel planner has a great deal of influence on the profitability of your work - force. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness not only translates into lower personnel costs and greater vitality in your organization but also into a better cus - tomer experience and higher satisfaction.

Our PlanMen Academy consists of a variety of in - structional and training courses:

  • > Post-higher professional education training in Workforce Management
  • > In-house training in Workforce Management
  • > Open WFM training courses
  • > PlanMen Workforce Management Congress
  • > Master classes
  • > Planners café
  • > Additional Development Courses for operational Personnel

PlanMen is known for its WFM training and certificati - on and is the first in the Netherlands to also offer an official and accredited post-higher professional educa - tion Workforce Management Training for professionals with ambition.

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