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Service Provision

It is wonderful if things go as they should. If the right people are on the correct place, everyone is doing his work properly and your customers are really enthusiastic. Your employees take center stage. If they do what they enjoy doing and what they are good at, then the results naturally follows.

PlanMen offers you as an exclusive specialist in the area of Workforce Management (WFM) a large number of company-wide and innovative solutions.

Analysis and Advice

  • Flexibility of staff deployment
  • Selection planning software
  • Strategic workforce planning (WFM)
  • (Quick) scan in the area of workforce (WFM)


  • Budget
  • Software implementation
  • Self-scheduling


  • Capacity planning
  • Temporary assignment of planners and forecasters,
  • Interim & consultancy (temporary replacement)
  • Workforce planning
  • Poolmanagement


  • Planning as a service
  • Workforce planning

Training, education, knowledge sharing

  • PlanMen Academy

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