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Some organizations do not have Workforce Manage - ment software at their disposal. Or they have difficulty finding the right people. Sometimes the organization is simply too small to make the investment in software and good employees profitable. PlanMen can take over your Workforce Management process, partially or entirely. We tailor our service to your specific situation and requirements, which means that costs remain manageable. The work activities are carried out from our locations in Europe, US and South America. As a result, you do not need to organize a work space, care during holidays, illness or other costs. Furthermore you do not need to buy expensive software which seldom fulfills the promised ROI espe - cially for smaller organizations. For that matter we can also work with Workforce Management software that you already have in-house.

What are the benefits for you?
We deliver according to the agreements made, on a regular basis, the services you choose. We like to in - volve your employees in the process and actively look for their feedback. Because we believe that satisfied employees, along with proper planning and schedu - ling, lead to tranquility in your organization and ultimately to a better customer experience and higher efficiency.

The benefits at a glance:

  • > Continuity and professionalism of your WFM process
  • > Flexibility and (on / off) scalability.
  • > Assistance and help from experienced professionals in the field of WFM.
  • > PlanMen is the leader in the development of the WFM profession.
  • > We are software-independent and therefore we offer you specifically what you need.
  • > You decide yourself how long you wish to engage our services.
  • > We are fully at your service during your operational hours.
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