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In order to practically achieve the desired result, PlanMen offers customized support. The PlanMen specialists develop the planning process, design the planning organization, set up new planning systems and configure the planning software. The depth of the support depends on the role required. This can be consulting, coordinating, managing or guiding. In this implementation, the PlanMen specialists are often utilized as interim managers, temporary personnel or project leaders and program/project managers. The PlanMen specialists not only have expertise in the field of process and planning issues, but also have the skills of creativity and sensitivity to succesfully implement organizational changes that are associated with this. “Measurable improvements in quality, customer experience and employee satisfaction by optimal integral planning”

The minimum results we expect after implementation are:

  • > 3% - 5% savings on the utilization of personnel.
  • > 2% - 4% savings due to the set-up and implementation of the Circle of Six.
  • > 2% - 4% saving on the utilization of personnel due to schedule optimization.
  • > Better alignment of supply and demand.
  • > Improved calmness and continuity in the organization; fewer reactive, ad hoc decisions.
  • > More fairness with regard to the schedules.
  • > Positive effect on customer experience and employee satisfaction.

Our clients report that our mix of expertise leads to measurable improvements in quality, customer and employee satisfaction and lead to improved results.

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