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Healthcare faces a great challenge these days. The ageing of the population will result in significant growth in the demand for care which will result in an imbalance between the demand and supply of that care. The effect of this is that the care expenditures and the tensions on the already limited labour market will increase.

To anticipate the challenges of the future, it is has already become necessary to think in a fundamentally different way about personnel utilisation in the care sector. An integral approach to planning is essential so that working efficiently and delivering customer-oriented and safe care is and remains guaranteed.

The influence and opportunities that planning has to create the optimal balance between quantity, quality, image and budget are often underestimated. A plan that is properly formulated plays a crucial role in the optimal functioning of the total organisation and of all the employees who work there. PlanMen helps care institutions to adjust their number of personnel to the demand. Our consultants support you to develop and to implement the integral role of planning within your organisation.


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