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Customer Care

PlanMen ensures that the number of personnel within customer contact centres is better geared to demand. Our vision is that planning (as a department or activity) fulfils a crucial role in the management and organisation of the entire business. Too often planning is still seen as the schedulers and the computing centre. The influence and opportunities that planning has to create the optimal balance between quantity, quality, image and budget are often underestimated. PlanMen brings together the competencies needed for a multidisciplinary approach. By assigning planning an integral role, the work of our consultants results in the more profitable organisation of the contact centres' processes and projects. In doing so, we can entirely take over your development and implementation activities.

We set the tone with our WFM service provision for contact centres. Through our active cooperation with Nyenrode Business University, we make sure that we maintain our innovative role within our field and allow our clients to profit from the newest developments.


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