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For Planners

PlanMen offers various courses in the areas of workforce planning and workforce management for your planners. We hereby always look to the needs of our (potential) customers.

Post-college education Workforce Management
This registry program Workforce Management provides complete visibility into how concretely, by working together with other departments, is a future-proof WFM strategy.

Tactical training personnel planning
Is unique about this program is that both planners and team leaders and / or managers working on their substantive and tactical skills in planning and roasting so that they can put together the next step in the optimal staffing levels for the organization.

Training open Workforce Management
During this training consists of six modules, you will learn all the skills you need to be a good planner within the non-profit.

Training open Workforce Management Customer Care
During this training involving teaching of 5 modules you all the skills you need to be a good planner in customer contact.

Training Workforce Management Introduction
In this tutorial, we will make a start with knowledge and understanding in the area of staffing. In particular, the planning and control cycle and its relationship with other aspects of the field are discussed. There is much attention to the various tasks and roles.

Training Scheduling
This practical training teaches you how to create a good schedule for employees. Much attention is paid to ergonomic aspects of grids and planability grids.

Training Capacity Planning
Learn all about patterns, how you make clear and what you can bring, so you can always make the right capplan.

Training Flexible staffing
Learn what different ways are there in which you can put all employees more flexible and What Should all concerned to run smoothly flexible deployment of staff.

Training Self-scheduling
during this training will be made clear what exactly self-scheduling content, what the benefits are and what the success factors.

Workshop WFM workplace
During this workshop highlighted the importance of the workforce of an organization, no matter how big or how small. With practice and active types of games the impact of one person for the whole organization is made tangible and visible.

Two-day training analysis and forecasting
In this training we cover the collection and analysis of historical data and we see how we on this basis with various techniques can make the best possible prediction of future workload.

Training capacity requirements and capacity planning
In this training you learn to translate the expected workload for required capacity and we are looking at building up a capacity plan.

Training optimize Schedule
In this tutorial, we look at the rules and constraints play a role in making a grid.

Certification CWPP
Are you an experienced workforce management professional and you want to see independently confirmed your knowledge? With a CWPP certification through PlanMen you leave your (future) employer see that you've actually gained this knowledge.


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