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For Management

PlanMen offers various courses in the areas of workforce planning and workforce management for the management team. We hereby always look to the needs of our (potential) customers.

Tactical training workforce management
Unique to this program is that both planners and team leaders and / or managers working on their substantive and tactical skills in planning and roasting so that they can put together the next step in the optimal staffing levels for the organization.

Training Flexible staffing
Learn what different ways are there in which you can put all employees more flexible and What Should all stakeholders to flexible deployment of staff to run smoothly.

Training Strategy on Workforce Management
This training will give you a strategic framework that lets you make management decisions and makes life easier for the operation.

WFM training for managers
The program is based on the TPP training for planners. The program for executives is paid to the role of managers in the planning process.

Training Budget
During this training you learn to budget properly. Perhaps even more important is the process to clarify the differences between budget forecast and realization.

Training Self-scheduling
During this training is made clear what exactly self-scheduling content, what are the benefits and what are the success factors.

Training Flexpool Management
In this training the model of the ideal flex pole is discussed and various questions about flexpool treated.

Training Lean & Leadership
This training focuses on it to activate its own logical thinking. In three and a half days, all kinds of methods discussed in groups and handles supplied with the help of various experts from various fields.

Training Efficient use of your time
In this training we want to give you insight especially in the various possibilities of effective work, delegating, let go and return your tasks to the essentials.

Training Agree to work and rest
In this training we will focus particularly on the get together a working arrangement.

Two-day training analysis and forecasting
In this training we cover the collection and analysis of historical data and we see how we on this basis with various techniques can make the best possible prediction of future workload.

Training Dag Turing and traffic management
In this training we will discuss the main indicators used to compare the planning and reality together.

WFM Training for team leaders
In this training we teach executives how their role is part of a total process and how to achieve them the best results.

certification CWPP
Are you an experienced workforce management professional and you want to know like to see independent confirmation? With a CWPP certification through PlanMen you leave your (future) employer see that you've actually gained this knowledge.


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