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How we do it

Together with Nyenrode Business University and on the basis of practical experience, PlanMen has developed a method to optimise the forecasting, scheduling, traffic control, reporting, analysis and advising processes. The power of this approach is that within it planning is seen as an integral part of operational management. In addition, we take into account the interests of the client, the employee and the organisation. By establishing this balance, we achieve increased quality, enjoyment and performance. Moreover, this approach ensures a broad foundation at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.

After the analysis of the historical data, the work activities of the employees are forecast and the organisation can optimally anticipate changing circumstances.

The work activities and the employees are geared to one another. A good forecast is the basis for an optimal schedule and the right degree of flexibility.

Traffic control
In order to anticipate calamities, traffic control is essential. By way of pre-developed scenarios, calamities can be counterbalanced while maintaining quality and employee satisfaction.

Traffic control activities require reporting. Information from the reports is also used as a foundation for making the forecast.

Continued improvement of the forecast and planning can be realised by analysing why whatever is realised deviates from the forecast.

The analysis produces recommendations for capacity management and process improvement. This knowledge and insight constitute valuable information for a continuous learning cycle.


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